How do you GAUGE your organization?

Is it just me or have marketers decided to revert back to the basics to peddle their menagerie of wares relying on messaging tactics that appeal to our most visceral learning abilities. It almost seems like most companies just got lazy. Where has all the creativity gone?…I was watching TV the other day…yes I know I do watch a lot of TV… and I started to notice a familiar trend…the ‘dumbasifying’ of product names and messages…think about that one for awhile…I am sure you will get it on the ride home.

Here is what I learned in one sitting. We need Guardasil to guard us against something, (lazy product names perhaps?) We need to eat yogurt with BL. Regularis to keep us…you guessed it…regular and L.Casei Immunitas to build up our…wait for it……immune system. Finally, we need Gas X to…well I am sure you can figure that one out.

I also learned that I need to apply what appears to be antiperspirant to my head because some omnipotent voice on TV suggested that I should. It was not the suggestion per se, but more the fact that it was repeated three times during the same commercial. The first time I heard it I was slightly intrigued, the second time I heard it I was more engaged and curious as to what this product does…the third time was the charm and I was out the door determined to purchase this product and apply it to my forehead still not knowing what it even does.

Now I would never stoop to those lengths to market a product or service…[SNERGY Consulting apply GAUGE methodology directly to your business] …nor would I endorse that type of mindless repetitive messaging…[SNERGY Consulting apply GAUGE methodology directly to your business]…because I believe that SNERGY’s target audience is much too sophisticated to fall for anything that basic. However, [SNERGY Consulting apply GAUGE methodology directly to your business] to leverage a popular maxim, ‘You should cover all of your bases’   😉

All kidding aside, the ability to quickly take complex concepts (products/services etc.) and present them in an easily understood and absorbed manner (acronyms/graphics etc.) is paramount to success in the business consulting world.

SNERGY’s consultants utilize the proprietary GAUGE delivery methodology. A common definition of the word gauge is an accepted or approved instance of a quantity or quality against which others are judged, measured or compared.

To establish this competitive benchmark SNERGY’s consultants work with organizations to:

G ain Stake Holder Insights Interview key stakeholders to establish a baseline organizational understanding and vision
A ssess the Current Situation Complete review of the current state business processes, org structure, technical & data architecture and performance metrics
U ncover Areas of Optimization Work with organization to develop optimal processes, org structure, technical & data architecture and metrics that support the transitional and end vision
G enerate Actionable Recommendations Collaboratively and iteratively work with key process owners to develop recommendations that are practical and acceptable within the culture of the organization
E ducate Overall Organization Develop organizational recommendations and roadmap that clearly articulate the strengths and opportunities within the current optimized constructs

The tested GAUGE methodology ensures actionable business solutions that are practical and acceptable within the culture of any organization.

Great…I just saw a commercial for Aciphex…I don’t even want to know what that does.

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