Deja-Vu All Over Again!

As we all know one of my favourite pastimes is watching TV in any language…for proof see last month’s blog. This usually occurs late at night when the wife & kids are asleep however, there is no real rhyme or reason for this other than the fact that it is quiet and I can actually concentrate on what is happening in the movie…hold on…I know what you are thinking…watching TV late at night is not the same as watching late night TV…there is a discernible difference in the target audience…I do not want to pay you a sum of money so that you can tell me how I can make lots of money..probably by charging viewers a sum of money to tell them how to…well I am sure you get the picture. I also do not want to dress up like I am going out to a bar, only to call some 1-800 number to talk to a bunch of other dressed up people at home about how cool it would be if we actually went out to a bar….however I do enjoy ‘re-viewing’ movies that I have seen before and attempting to identify things I missed when I watched the movie for the first time.

Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

I would never disagree with Al…yeah we’re tight like that… however in this case, I do believe that you can repeat the same actions and see different results…think ‘re-viewing’ old movies and identifying new footage and items that you never noticed the first time…a scene…a phrase…a look.

I am fortunate enough to be in a field in which you can typically deploy repeatable processes across multiple industries /clients and evolve based on your past experiences.

Why are certain consultant engagements with similar approaches more successful than others?

This can be distilled down into 3 major factors:

Senior Management Involvement – It is critical that senior management plays a key role in any project to help evangelize the benefits of the engagement to the rest of the organization and solicit support from sceptical resources

Dedicated Project Resources – Organizational resources must dedicate a certain amount of time to the project to ensure a continuous transfer of inherent organizational information. This collaboration with consultants increases knowledge transfer and reduces organizational push-back

Realistic Expectations – From the project onset, clearly identify realistic milestone deliverables that are relevant and achievable and build upon each other to help achieve the project objectives in a step wise manner

Here is my list of movies worthy of ‘re-viewing’ for a new perspective and appreciation of the not so obvious…Usual Suspect, The Others, Fight club and Sixth Sense.

Back to watching TV late at night…Ab roller…Whisper 2000…hey I think that old guy with the eyebrows just juiced a full can of beer…nice.

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